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If You Work with CHOICE Members, Here’s Important Information You Should Know!

The NYS Department of Health Is Surveying CHOICE Members.  Here’s How You Can Help!

Earlier this month, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) mailed out Satisfaction Surveys to a random sampling of CHOICE members—many of whom may be CHHA, Hospice or Partners in Care patients.

It’s important that CHOICE members complete the surveys if they receive them, because it is their chance to provide feedback on their health plan. It’s also important to VNSNY because member satisfaction is a key component of CHOICE’s quality incentives and STARS ratings, which directly impact our reimbursement levels.

So if you work with CHOICE members, please encourage them to fill out and send back their satisfaction survey.

VNSNY’s goal is to ensure each member, patient or client has a positive experience every time they interact with us. As an organization, we are working together to build a culture of hospitality that extends to all of our interactions, internally and with each other and those we care for.  We want hospitality to be naturally engrained into everything we do.

Here are some ways you can help provide that positive experience with CHOICE members:

  • Be empathetic. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Phrases like “I am sorry that happened” or “I am happy to let you know” show that you’re on their side.
  • Actively listen. Everyone deserves to be heard. Demonstrating you are listening helps everyone feel better.
  • Always use the words “for you.”  That’s the lens through which you should see everything you do. “What can I do for you?”
  • Always say “thank you.” Everyone likes to hear the words “thank you.” If the member brings a problem to your attention, thank the member for doing so. And of course, it’s always appropriate to say “Thank you for being a VNSNY CHOICE member.
  • End on a positive note. People remember how you made them feel. As a representative of VNSNY, you have a chance to influence that feeling at each moment, including at the end of your visit or phone conversation. So do your best to end on a positive note. Thank that person for being a CHOICE member, remind the member of our commitment to them, or let them know that you look forward to working with them.

Thank you for helping us to build a culture of hospitality at VNSNY, and for creating, in every interaction, a superb member and patient experience for the people we serve.