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January 2022 CHOICE Commendations

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, VNSNY employees—you—have demonstrated time and time again our ability to rise to the occasion and deliver an exceptional consumer experience. Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we recently received thanking VNSNY CHOICE team members for a job well done.


Exceptionally Helpful

Maya Cooks

The father of a CHOICE member called to praise the work of Care Coordinator Maya Cooks, whom he described as “exceptionally helpful, professional, courteous and patient.”



Helping to Bring a Husband Home from a Nursing Home

“Thanks to all who helped facilitate my husband’s care,” wrote the wife of a CHOICE member in a note accompanying a donation to VNSNY. “Especially Care Management Support Coordinator Karin Richardson, and Care Coordinators Samantha Chiu, and Kai Nee Cheah, all of whom helped to bring him home from the nursing home!”

So Patient and Concerned

A member called to compliment the work of Care Management Support Coordinators Breyana DeWitt and Toni Linen, reporting that the duo had been “so patient and concerned when speaking to her.”

Showing Compassion and True Respect

The daughter of two VNSNY CHOICE members emailed to praise the work of Carlos Pereyra, Senior Community Liaison, Medicare Advantage Program. “Carlos has not only shown exemplary customer service skills, he has also shown compassion and true respect for the care and custodial needs of senior citizens,” wrote the daughter. “I’m very grateful for all the help that he has provided to me and my parents!”

Taking the Time to Listen and Connect

A representative for a home care agency shared kind words about the excellent customer service she received from Contact Center Agent Renee Ashley. “Renee was extremely pleasant on our calls and I could tell that she genuinely cared,” said the representative. “I know first-hand that it is easy to become consumed by situations that are less than optimal, and I have made it my personal mission to recognize individuals who do care and take the time to listen and connect with others in a meaningful way. This is exactly what Renee did today! She is amazing.”

Prompt, Gracious, and Happy to Help

Seth Boigon

CHOICE Care Coordination Manager Seth Boigon submitted some great feedback for Contact Center Agents Priya Peters and Gail Herrera-Coles. “They are both very prompt in their responses, gracious, and happy to help,” wrote Seth. “They possess a strong knowledge of our work flows and processes and use them with great skill to assist our members, yet ask questions if they are unsure and escalate any urgent issues as needed. They never drop the ball and unfailingly keep me in the loop. I am very grateful for all of their work and support!”

Ensuring a Family Member Understands

The daughter of a CHOICE member phoned to give kudos to Contact Center Agent Christine Odom. “She really took her time to ensure I understood the process, and answered all my questions,” said the daughter. The wife of another CHOICE member also called to praise the work of Christine. “She was so helpful and really did a good job of following up and providing information,” said the wife.

Very Patient and Knowledgeable

Two caretakers for a CHOICE MLTC member called to commend Contact Center Agent Lyudmila Norman for her professionalism, kindness, and excellent service, stating that she was “very patient and knowledgeable” in dealing with an ongoing issue.

Extremely Happy

A CHOICE member called to praise the work of Contact Center Agent Eblond Achile, stating that she was “extremely happy” with the assistance she received, as well as Eblond’s agility and knowledge.

Pleasant and Very Empathetic

“Contact Center Agent Jasmin Harry was extremely pleasant—she was very empathetic and genuinely cared,” wrote the daughter of a CHOICE MLTC member. “I want everyone to know how professional she was during our entire call. Jasmin took the time to listen and provided with the help that I needed. She is amazing!” Another CHOICE member gave a shout out to Jasmin for being “kind and empathetic” to her while calling for assistance.

Solving an Issue in Less than 10 Minutes

The brother of a CHOICE Total member called to commend Contact Center Agent Sylvia Bonilla for solving an issue in less than 10 minutes. “Sylvia is a great value to VNSNY CHOICE!” he added.

Professional, Courteous, and Knowledgeable

Michael Etheridge

“When we praise staff as the reason why VNSNY is special, we are undoubtedly talking about staff like Contact Center Agent Angelina Peters” wrote CHOICE social worker Michael Etheridge. “She was so lovely, caring, and understanding. I’m sure she makes every member feel as cared for as she did me!” The caregivers of a CHOICE Total member also called to express their satisfaction with the service provided to them by Angelina, stating that she was “very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable” while assisting them with an issue.