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May 2022 Patient Letters

Our VNSNY colleagues continue to prove how resilient, dedicated and just plain amazing the entire VNSNY organization is! The following are excerpts from a few of the many recent letters, phone calls, and emails we’ve received from grateful patients and clients as well as family members that reflect an outstanding consumer experience.



Thank You for the Wonderful Care!

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful care I received from your nurse, Sultana Alibasic,” wrote one Bronx home care patient. “My primary care physician connected me to VNSNY to care for a huge open wound that did not heal properly from abdominal surgery. Sultana treated me almost daily for over a month and would not discharge me until the wound was 100% healed.” The patient described Sultana as kind, caring and professional. “I am very grateful to Sultana and always looked forward to her visits. She wasn’t just a visiting nurse… she was a visiting friend!”

Kind and Caring

The daughter of a Bronx hospice patient called to express her appreciation for VNSNY Hospice home health aide Yolanda Jones-Nunes. “I am so grateful to have her—she is kind and caring with my mom,” said the daughter.

I Like the Way She Works!

A Bronx Partners in Care client called to commend home health aide Sophronia Walker on a job well done. “I like the way she works!” said the client.



An Angel

“We thank you all dearly for sending us what seems like an angel—hospice nurse Andrew Duncan,” wrote the family of a Brooklyn hospice patient. “Andrew was very patient, caring and knowledgeable throughout this process. He was there with us through a rapid deterioration and felt like he was a part of our family. We are grateful for entrusting you—thank you for your services!”



Changed the Patient’s Life

Social worker Bianca Davies praised the work of home health aide Kemi Babalola in caring for the hospice patient they are both assigned to. Bianca stated that Kemi “has changed the patient’s life,” and has her smiling.

Wonderful and Efficient

“Physical therapist Ashwini Reddy Nagolewas was wonderful and very efficient,” said a Manhattan patient. “I like her very much!”

Swift Assistance

Another Manhattan patient complimented nurse Jennifer McCabe for “swiftly assisting” him in placing an order for additional medical equipment.

An Exceptional Human Being

“Thank you so much for your visits and support for my wife before she left us,” wrote the husband of a Manhattan hospice patient in a letter to hospice liaison Joseph Johnston. “As a family, we could not have gotten through the last months of her battle without the constant support given to us by VNSNY. You are an exceptional human being, and what you do truly makes the lives of all you meet and touch so much better!”

Excellent and Professional

The wife of a Manhattan patient called to compliment home health aide Dionisia Denson following a home visit. The wife noted that Dionisia “was excellent, professional, and left my husband happy.”

We Are Truly Grateful

“I am writing to thank you for the excellent service we have received from Partners in Care, especially administrative supervisor Josephine Smith, whose kindness has been a gift to our family,” wrote the daughter of a Manhattan patient. “She first connected us to Thea Rosen, our fabulous home health aide who has been with my dad for the past year. Recently, my dad was hospitalized after falling and breaking several ribs, and then placed in rehab for 3 weeks. It was clear that we would need additional care for him at home, and Josie connected us with another wonderful home health aide, Thula Corrica.” The daughter noted the instant connection between her father and Thula, who had him talking and laughing within moments of meeting, putting him at ease. “It was clear that she was very experienced, kind and knowledgeable,” she added. “Thank you so much to the entire Partners in Care team. We are truly grateful for the wonderful care our family has received!”

Excellent Service

The friend of a Partners in Care client called to compliment home health aides Sabrina Key and Bernadette McDonald on the “excellent service” they provided.

A Wonderful Experience

A Manhattan patient phoned in to applaud the “wonderful experience” she had with nurse Winston Oliver Blanco, physical therapist Lyndon Hemedes, and occupational therapist Anne Chen. “I look forward to seeing each of them— they show compassion and care!” said the patient.



I Recommend VNSNY to One and All!

“I had surgery for a total hip replacement, and a few days later, I met physical therapist Alicia Kennedy for the first time,” wrote a Nassau patient. “I have been most grateful for having Alicia working with me—she was always kind, cheerful, caring, knowledgeable, and supportive. I believe I made great strides towards recovery due to Alicia’s help. She is a credit to VNSNY and I want to thank you for providing me with such wonderful help. Because of the excellent care I received, I would not hesitate to recommend VNSNY to one and all!”



Incredibly Well-Organized

“When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Rockaways—where some of my family lives—and other coastal areas of New York City, VNSNY was everywhere and incredibly well-organized,” wrote one Queens resident in a Facebook comment. “They even went into high-rise housing projects in Far Rockaway and Coney Island where the elevators were out for a long time, hiking up innumerable flights of stairs with all their equipment and knocking on doors to find those that needed help. I will never forget them!”

Very Professional

A Queens patient called to praise the work of physical therapist Sarah Aldana, noting that she was “very professional.”

Beyond Helpful and Very Loving

Another Queens patient phoned to give kudos to nurse Sanam Sherpa for being “reliable, beyond helpful, and very loving and caring” during her home visits, and to say that she was sad to see Sanam leave upon discharge. “She made me feel like a queen, and I’m not used to be treating like that,” the patient added. “She is an amazing, phenomenal person!”

Continue the Good Work!

“I am sending this letter to express my satisfaction with the services received from your staff,” wrote another Queens patient. His care team consisted of nurse Julius Ryan Padilla, social worker Elza Moskowitz, physical therapist Armi Bergancia, coordinator of certified occupational therapy services Mitchel Rabinowitz, and certified occupational therapy assistant Julia Sterling. “They were very professional, helpful, and very empathetic,” wrote the patient. “I can imagine how many other patients have had the same satisfaction as me. I pray that God will continue to bless VNSNY and its staff. Continue the good work!”

Instrumental and Supportive

The cousin of a Queens patient wrote to thank VNSNY Hospice nurse Rosanna Maslinski and Home Care nurse Kelley Henry for their exceptional work caring for her cousin in his final days. “Roselina opened his case and was wonderful, and Kelly was so instrumental and supportive to my family, even though she only visited him three times,” said the cousin. “On behalf of my family, thank you and your team for everything.”

Hardworking and Compassionate

“I would like to thank the beautiful, hardworking and compassionate Partners in Care staff that took care of my father until his recent passing,” wrote the son of a Queens patient. “I’ve worked closely with administrative supervisor Stella Etuk since 2017, when my father was released from a rehab facility. She helped us again in 2019 when my father broke his arm. He needed 24-hour care and was assigned a wonderful home health aide, Marie Campbell-Allen, to care for him.” The son recently enlisted the help of Partners in Care once more to provide care to his father in the last few weeks of his life. “Stella assembled a crack team of home health aides to care for him,” the son wrote. “I can’t say enough great things about Heather Padia, Thelma Riley, Desiree Pierre and Sophia Smith. They contacted our family member almost every day to advise us of my father’s condition. I have full confidence that they were providing top-level care—it was not easy, but they showed great patience, sitting with him for hours. Again, I can’t say enough good things about these loving women. Please thank all of them on behalf of our family.”


Staten Island


A Partners in Care client called to compliment the work of home health aide Maria Colon following a home visit. “She is fantastic and helped me out a lot yesterday!” said the patient.

A Caring, Compassionate Professional

“Thank you for your guidance and comfort during my wife’s final weeks,” wrote the husband of a Staten Island hospice patient. “Her hospice nurse Terry Martinez was a caring, compassionate professional who made the end more bearable.”

Thank You for All Your Help

The daughter of a hospice patient wrote a card to VNSNY Hospice bereavement counselor Rosanne Sonatore and spiritual care counselor Yair Fine following her mother’s passing. “Thank you all for your card and for all your help with my mom during this past year,” wrote the daughter.

I Will Be Forever Grateful and Appreciative

“I can’t thank everyone enough at VNSNY Hospice for the excellent care given to my husband,” wrote the wife of another Staten Island hospice patient. “The nurses, social workers and other healthcare workers extended their utmost in a most professional and friendly way. My family and I will be forever grateful and appreciative for all you’ve done. Thank you!”