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September/October 2018 CHOICE Commendations

Providing excellent customer service is something we should always strive for. Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

A VNSNY CHOICE member called to congratulate CHOICE for providing a great member service experience. “I had the pleasure of speaking with Member Experience Representative Alfa Dominguez,” she added. “I’m extremely grateful for Alfa’s kindness and willingness to assist me. I’m a new member to my CHOICE plan, and this was a very positive first-time experience.”

Read Alfa’s story about why this member encounter went so well.

A CHOICE member contacted VNSNY to offer her “special gratitude” to Member Service Representatives Lorraine Flores, Ian K. Ali and Florisel Reyes for helping her manage her care, adding that they are her “heroes…always willing to assist.” The member also extended special thanks to Member Service Representatives Renee Ashley, Lidia Medina, Jessica Calixto, Janel Cole and Christopher Alvira, stating that “they are also part of what I call my DREAM team!”

A CHOICE member’s sister phoned to express her appreciation for the “great customer service” provided by Member Service Representative Julie Chin. “Julie went above and beyond in assisting my sister,” the caller said. “She was patient, kind, and an absolute pleasure to speak with.” Another member also praised Julie for doing “a very good job, patient and kind,” adding, “she made me feel good!”

A CHOICE member called to report that he was “completely satisfied” with how Member Service Representative Carmen Perdomo resolved an equipment issue he’d been having. “All is now running smoothly, and I have much less stress as a result,” he noted. “I want to commend Carmen for her outstanding help and support.”

A CHOICE member’s daughter expressed her satisfaction with the assistance she received from Member Service Representative Nadya Fedorova around a home health aide issue. “Nadya was informative, courteous and knowledgeable during the whole process,” she added.

A CHOICE member phoned in to commend Member Service Representative Sheila Benitez.“ I was very satisfied with Sheila—she helped me and was very nice to me,” the member said—adding, “I love VNSNY!”

Member Service Representative Shani Morales was cited for her outstanding work assisting the son of a CHOICE MLTC member on a durable medical equipment issue.

A member’s daughter expressed her appreciation for the help she received from Member Experience Representative Patricia Murray. “Patricia provided excellent service,” said the daughter. “She was very patient and helpful!”

The wife of a CHOICE MLTC member called to compliment Member Service representative Shirlene Thomas.“Shirlene was articulate and very professional,” she reported, “and I thought it should be noticed!”

Member Service Representative Christine Odom and Member Experience Representative Rubie Gordon also received special praise for providing “outstanding service” to CHOICE members.

The daughter of a CHOICE member phoned to commend Member Service Representative Angelina Peters for her “awesome”assistance with solving a major issue. She added that Angelina was compassionate and caring, with great interpersonal skills, and that she was “a gem.”

Another CHOICE member commended Member Service Representative Tyisha Austin for providing her with excellent customer service. “Tyisha was very patient and went above and beyond to assist me,” she said.

A member’s son called to say that he received a great customer service experience from Member Experience Representative Anzhela Mingova. “She is caring and very efficient at her craft,” he added.

A CHOICE member praised Member Service Representatives Desse-Anna Alexis and Carmen Perdomo for their thoughtful assistance. “They are both exceptional, polite, helpful and knowledgeable,” she said.

A member called to commend Member Service Representative Svitlana Gladyshevska, stating “what a great person and worker” she is. “Each time I’ve spoken to her, she has provided me with great service,” he noted.

The CHOICE Call Center received a call from a new member saying that he was “so grateful” for the visit from Education Enrollment Specialist Carlos Pereyra, who went to the member’s home to complete an enrollment application. “Carlos was kind, respectful, helpful and knowledgeable,” he said. “I know I made the right CHOICE enrolling!”

A CHOICE member’s husband phoned in a commendation for Member Service Representative Eblonde Achile, stating that she “provided excellent and efficient customer service,” and that she “gets five stars for her assistance with my supply order!”

A member’s family praised Member Service Representative Crystal Valdez for being “very precise” in securing a supply order for “expressing empathy” around their loved one’s needs.