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March 2021 CHOICE Commendations

March 4, 2021

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, VNSNY staff have demonstrated time and time again their ability to rise to the occasion and deliver an exceptional consumer experience. Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we recently received from plan members thanking VNSNY CHOICE staff for a job well done.


 “Kind and Professional”

The daughter of a CHOICE plan member called to thank Member Services Representative Christine Odom for an excellent job in assisting her mother, adding that Christine “took the time to explain all of the pertinent information regarding her mom’s request” while remaining “kind and professional.” Another CHOICE member phoned to praise Christine for listening, being professional and providing a solution to his concerns around a DME issue.

“Professional, Humane and Nurturing”

“Professional,” “humane,” “nurturing,” and “patient” were just some of the many words used by a CHOICE member to describe Member Services Representative Tyisha Austin when he called in to commend her excellent service.

“So Patient”

Another plan member phoned in to compliment Member Services Representative Priya Peters, who assisted in securing a necessary medication. “She was so patient,” said the member, who recounted how Priya coordinated with the vendor and doctor’s office to obtain the details needed to resolve the issue. “She made a process that could have been frustrating more tolerable!”

“I Have Everything That’s Needed”

“Usually I have to pay out of pocket to get supplies while waiting for the vendor to send me anything,” wrote the daughter of another CHOICE plan member. “Member Services Representative Gail Herrera looked into the matter and, thanks to her, I have everything that’s needed for my mom!”

“Helpful and Went Above and Beyond!”

A CHOICE MLTC member called to thank Member Services Representative Jasmin Harry for her professionalism while assisting with resolving a supply issue. The member added that Jasmin was “extremely patient, helpful and went above and beyond” to resolve her issue.

“Answering All of My Questions”

Another MLTC plan member phoned in to praise Member Services Representative Patricia Baez for her professionalism and for “answering all of my questions” while helping to resolve an issue regarding a personal emergency response system.

“You Were Great!”

“Thank you so much for your assistance and translation skills this evening,” wrote CHOICE MLTC Care Coordination Manager Marion Marley in an email to Provider Services Associate Kenia Cabrera. “I know that it was an unexpected call and you were so helpful—I really appreciate you and your calm manner while helping with the member’s daughters. You were great!”

“Great Customer Service”

Another CHOICE member called to thank Member Services Representative M’Rutzah Yehudah for remaining polite and for going above and beyond to deliver great customer service while assisting with a request.


The son of a CHOICE MLTC member called to commend Member Services Representative Angelina Peters for her professionalism while assisting him with a benefits inquiry. The member specifically referred to Angelina as “Super Angelina Peters” because she was kind, patient on the phone, and went above and beyond to answer all his questions.

“A True Advocate”

Finally, in an example of an exceptional customer experience, a representative from a housekeeping company wrote a letter praising the efforts and professionalism of CHOICE Network Development Manager Saman Mey. “We are one of the original vendors brought on board with VNSNY from Independence Care Systems, providing services in homes that needed cleaning, bed bug prep, and an array of other ad hoc services,” wrote the representative. “During the bulk of our working history with VNSNY CHOICE, we have worked with Saman, who has been a true advocate for us as vendors. She is responsive, professional, and is truly an asset to your management team.”

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