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March 2019 CHOICE Commendations

Providing excellent customer service is something we should always strive for. Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

A home health aide who cares for a VNSNY CHOICE member praised the support provided to her and the plan member by Member Services Representative Ronique Blash. “Ronique is very efficient and willing to help,” she noted.

The son of a CHOICE member phoned to say that Member Services Representative Lorraine Flores was “exemplary and fantastic and compassionate.” He added, “Lorraine took the time to explain the situation and walked me through the process. She was insightful and helpful!” The daughter of another CHOICE MLTC member also thanked Lorraine for her help in obtaining a hospital bed for her mother, stating that she was “very helpful, and patient” in resolving the issue.

The wife of a CHOICE Total member commended Member Services Representative Joy A. Brown for her considerate telephonic support. “Joy was very kind and courteous to me,” the wife said.

A CHOICE member expressed her gratitude for the assistance she received from Member Services Representative Renee Ashley.“Renee was courteous, professional and very caring in listening to her concerns,” she said, adding that “she is a superstar and deserves recognition!”

A number of CHOICE members complimented Member Services Representative Svitlana Gladyshevska for her help and support. “Svitlana really cares and assisted me with my issue,” one of them said. Another member stated, “Svitlana was able listen to me and kindly was able to help and answered all me questions,” while a third member thanked her for doing“a phenomenal job reinstating my home health aide services.” “Svitlana is a wonderful, caring human being,” added a fourth member. “She helped me with my supply concerns and made me feel good today!”

A CHOICE MLTC member phoned to commend Member Services Representative Angelina Peters for her help resolving an issue. “Angelina was very patient and kind,” the member said.

A CHOICE member contacted the organization to note that Member Services Representative Justin Morris “gets a A-plus and is a people person!” She added, “Justin is very outstanding and helpful!”

Another CHOICE member praised Member Services Representative Julie Chin, stating, “Julie assisted greatly with my monthly supply order. She did a wonderful job!”

Provider Services Associate Angelina Khan received a compliment from a care provider. “I wanted to let you know Angelina has been a huge help in getting my claims reprocessed,” the provider reported.“She is extremely efficient and a real pleasure to work with.”

A CHOICE member’s home health aide had kind words for the help she received from Member Experience Representative Patricia Murray.“Patricia did extremely well getting the member’s supplies,” the aide said. “She was very helpful and nice, and a pleasure to speak to.”

The niece of a longtime CHOICE member called to express her thanks for the support that Member Experience Representative Lidia Medina has provided to her uncle. “I can’t say enough about how very, very good Lidia was,” said the niece. “She really is top notch!”