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June/July 2018 CHOICE Commendations

Providing excellent customer service is something we should always strive for. Here are excerpts from some of the dozens of calls we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

The daughter of a CHOICE MLTC member phoned to express how grateful she was for the work of Member Services Representative Janel Cole, describing Janel as “courteous, expedient, and knowledgeable.”

The son of a CHOICE MLTC member thanked Enrollment Coordinator Milagros Lopez for her “empathy and willingness” in assisting his father’s enrollment process. He added that VNSNY is “very lucky” to have an employee like Milagros, who “doesn’t only look to resolve concerns but also feels the desire to truly help people in need.”

The daughter of a CHOICE member commended Member Services Representative Jia Luo for being “so warm” and for “making it easy” while correcting an issue concerning her mother’s care. Jia “did not pass the buck, handled it all herself, and was so pleasant,” the daughter said. “I appreciate her going the extra mile.”

Another member called to say that Member Services Representative Lidia Medina had been “very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional,” and that she was grateful for the service she received from VNSNY CHOICE.

A CHOICE member phoned to praise Member Services Representative Renee Ashley. “Renee was so kind and patient with me,” she said. “She took the time to assist.”

Another CHOICE member called to commend the work of Member Services Representative Maritza Ng, stating that she was “very patient and nice” to her in helping resolve her issues.

The daughter of another CHOICE member phoned to compliment Member Services Representative Christopher Alvira for going “above and beyond” in assisting her with a supply order issue, noting that he was “knowledgeable, professional, and very patient” throughout the process. “I’m pleased to know that VNSNY representatives are well trained and knowledgeable in providing good customer service,” she added.