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January 2019 CHOICE Commendations

Providing excellent customer service is something we should always strive for. Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

The daughter of a CHOICE MLTC member sent a letter thanking CHOICE MLTC Care Coordinator Marian Unterman for overseeing her mother’s care during the last seven weeks of her life. “My beloved mother passed in mid-December,” she wrote. “I am trying but failing to capture the right words to describe the service Ms. Unterman provided and what this meant to my mother, me, and the rest of our family. Her service exceeded our greatest expectations. Ms. Unterman treated me and my mother’s care with the utmost respect. She is highly professional and experienced, and provided calm and reassuring support which allowed me to cope and make right decisions during my mother’s final phase of life’s journey. Ms. Unterman always inquired about my feelings and helped me to gain emotional strength as I faced my mother’s physical and cognitive decline. She was also invaluable in managing and coordinating my mother’s care among the team of healthcare practitioners VNSNY. In addition, she intervened when healthcare workers from other entities were involved to make sure there was a continuum of care and the standard of care would result in the best outcomes for my mother. Like myself, many children are caring for ailing parents and some of us do not understand the care process and are not aware of resources to help us cope during these difficult times. I will be a voice for VNSNY, ensuring that the information about your quality care reaches individuals I know. Access to quality health care is of utmost importance. Ms. Unterman allowed me and my family to have a greater appreciation of this. She is an extraordinary person. Our deepest gratitude to her!”

Read Marian’s story about why this member encounter went so well.  

 A CHOICE member’s son sent an email thanking Member Services Representative Nadya Fedorova for helping his disabled mother obtain a wheelchair. “Nadya was able to organize a number of conference calls, including with the doctor’s office and the delivery company, to resolve all the issues promptly,” he wrote. “Thanks again!”Another CHOICE member phoned because she “wanted to provide feedback” on Nadya’s “awesome customer service and assistance” in obtaining nutritional supplies. “I’ve never met someone like her!” the member added.

The family of a CHOICE MLTC member sent a holiday card to Care Coordinator Maya Cooks, saying that they could “never thank you enough for everything you have done throughout the year!”—adding, “Your compassion and kindness are greatly appreciated!”

A CHOICE member commended Member Services Representative Angelina Peters for doing such a fine job, describing her as a “wonderful person” and “very comforting.”

A CHOICE MLTC member phoned to say that she was “very satisfied” with the service provided by Member Services Representative Birmania Veras, adding that she “was very nice and tried her best to do what she could to resolve her issue.”

Member Services Representative Crystal Valdez was complimented by a CHOICE member who noted she “was very pleased with Crystal’s ability to assist me throughout the call.” The daughter of another member also praised Crystal for her “professionalism, kindness and excellent service,” noting that she was “very patient and knowledgeable on getting the issue resolved.”

A CHOICE member’s daughter called to express how “nice and attentive Member Services Representative Kadeen Clarke and all of the VNSNY reps are” every time she calls. She added that she’s “very happy” with CHOICE MLTC Care Coordinator Georgette Personna as well.”

A CHOICE Classic member thanked Member Experience Representative Patricia Murray for her assistance resolving a medication issue. “Patricia is very helpful and pleasant on the phone,” she said.

The son of a CHOICE member praised Member Services Representative Priya Peters as being “very knowledgeable and extremely helpful” with a durable medical equipment issue. “Because of Priya’s prompt and effective assistance, I can now focus on other things,” he said. “A load has been taken off my back, and I want to give her a special thank you.”

The daughter of a CHOICE member expressed her gratitude for the “tremendous service: she received from Member Services Representative Renee Ashley. “Renee speaks with a smile through the phone,” said the daughter. “She was professional and pleasant in helping to resolve my issues and relieve my concerns.”

Member Services Representative Shirlene Thomas was commended by a grateful CHOICE member who noted that Shirlene is an “asset to the department.”

A CHOICE member called to compliment Member Services Representative Angelica Rodriguez for “her professionalism” in helping the member resolve a home health aide issue. Another member’s daughter also phoned to say that Angelica is “a lovely young lady, very professional. She goes out of her way and she gives me hope!”

A CHOICE FIDA member placed a call to thankMember Services Representative Kerri-Ann McLaughlin for her “great customer service” in making sure some important supplies were delivered in a timely fashion.

The caregiver of one of a CHOICE MLTC members phoned to commendMember Services Representative Ronique Blash for Ronique’s “professionalism and patience” assisting her with an issue.

Another CHOICE MLTC member’s daughter praised the “professionalism and good customer service” of Member Services Representative Svitlana Gladyshevska. She added that Svitlana “was caring, patient, and made me feel at peace with my concerns about my mother’s case.”

A CHOICE member noted that he “wanted to share some kind words” about Member Experience Representative Anzhela Mingova. Anzhela was “very nice and very patient with me, and also assisted with a dental provider,” he said.

The daughter of a CHOICE member called to compliment Member Services Representative Awenda Rodriguez for assisting with her mother’s supply issues. “Awenda is polite, sweet, informative and very professional,” said the daughter, “and I wanted to express my satisfaction!”

The nephew of a CHOICE member expressed his thanks for the “excellent customer service” provided by Member Services Representative Thiang Lim. “Thiang goes the extra mile,” he said. “I really get a feeling of confidence from him that I’m speaking to the right person to get the job done.” The nephew added, “When people are very good at their job as Thiang is, they need to be recognized!”