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Wednesday, July 6, 2022 78°F New York

“We Are All Heroes!” Don’t Miss this Hometown Heroes Parade Video!

On July 7th, VNSNY staff representing all parts of the organization marched through the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan, in a historic parade celebrating the contributions of all essential workers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Health care employees, transportation workers, food service professionals, and other groups gathered together to participate in what is now being called one of the largest ticker tape parades in the city’s history. Starting at Battery Park, VNSNY made their way up Broadway to City Hall, meeting with press, government officials, and countless grateful New Yorkers along the way.

See for yourself! Click below to watch the moving video, and thanks to everyone who marched for representing VNSNY!

The following are the VNSNY Heroes who participated in the parade:

Partners in Care: Denise Mallette, Home Health Aide, Yeasmin Mehli, Home Health Aide, Elvira Ruiz, Home Health Aide, Veronica Ventura, Home Health Aide— CHHA: Eileen Baez, Registered Nurse, Sarah Bravo, Occupational Therapist, David Friend, Physical Therapist, Michael Guglielmelli, Registered Nurse, Patricia Vieira, Physical Therapist— CMHS: Collette Hendricks, Registered Nurse— Hospice: Ruthlyn Marrett, Hospice Liaison, Clinical, KerryAnne Schoenwandt, Hospice Liaison, Clinical— VNSNY PPE/Supplies: Yanne Carrera, Supv., Operations, Evelyn Rodriguez, Sr. Medical Supplies Clerk, Diana Vargas, Supply Chain Coordinator. Thank you for representing VNSNY!