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December 2019 CHOICE Commendations

Providing excellent customer service is something we should always strive for. Here are excerpts from some of the numerous compliments we receive each week from members thanking CHOICE staff for a job well done.

The family caregiver for a CHOICE member praised Member Experience Representative Luisa Pacheco forassisting her with bills, transportation and communicating with the member’s doctor. “Luisa is very sweet and has been so helpful,” she said. The wife of CHOICE member also called to state that Luisa “is the best.” The wife added, “I’m so grateful for Luisa’s pleasant attitude, patience and caring.”

Two plan members contacted CHOICE separately to thank Member Services Representative Nadya Fedorova for helping them obtain needed durable medical equipment. “I’m very happy with Nadya’s work,” one of the members reported.

The home health aide assisting a CHOICE member called to express her appreciation for the support of Member Experience Representative Stephanie Perez and Member Services Representative Irene Ng for their assistance in obtaining the member’s supplies and Ensure nutritional supplement.

A new CHOICE member thanked Member Experience Representative Dawn Bazemore for addressing the member’s concerns during a Welcome Call, and for providing her extension in case the member had any follow-up questions. “I feel more at ease now,” the member told Dawn.

A CHOICE MLTC Member complimented Member Services Representative Renee Ashley for explaining the plan’s workings to her. “I am not confused now,” she informed Ashley at the end of the call. “You did a good job. Thank you so much!”

The daughter of a newly enrolled CHOICE member phoned to say that Member Services Representative M’Rutzah Yehudah had “provided great customer service”—adding, “she was compassionate, professional, and was there to listen. I’m happy people like her work for VNSNY CHOICE.” The daughter of another CHOICE member also thanked M’Rutzah for doing a “great job” helping her mother obtain a hospital bed and Hoyer lift.

A CHOICE member called to express “how grateful I am” towards Lab and DME Service Representative Desiree Evans and the CHOICE team for showing “outstanding professionalism, great customer service” in resolving his supplies and DME issues.

A hospital representative sent an email extolling “the excellent service that I had” from Provider Services Associate Cynthia Smith. “She was very supportive and patient in helping me to resolve my issue,” the representative wrote.

Member Services Representative Toni Linen was complimented by a member’s caregiver for going “over and beyond the call of duty” in obtaining DME supplies and authorization. “Toni was patient while maintaining a high level of professionalism,” said the caregiver.

A CHOICE member’s daughter gave kudos to Member Services Representative Lorraine Flores for her assistance, stating that she “greatly appreciated everything Lorraine did to help resolve the matter for me.”

The husband of a CHOICE member phoned to say that he “was extremely happy with the level of service” provided to him by Member Services Representative Luara Goler. “Luara took the time to hear me out, and provided responses at a pace that was not rushed,” he added.

A CHOICE member commended Medical Management Care Coordinator Sarah Katabi for “her respectful and polite manner in speaking to me, and for her ability to facilitate an expedited facility discharge request in such a timely fashion!”

Another CHOICE member praised Member Services Representative Crystal Valdez for helping her obtain needed supplies—thanking her “not only for the help, but also for caring.”

Member Services Representative Eblond Achile was commended for having “gone above and beyond.” The commendation noted, “If she sees that members are waiting for something or have called multiple times, she escalates and gets it resolved.”

The family caregiver of a CHOICE member complimented Member Services Representative Gail Herrera for working her “magic” in resolving an order for a nutritional supplement, noting that she was “highly satisfied” with the help she’d received.

A CHOICE member’s daughter phoned her thanks to Member Services Representative Jalyce Cedeno-Eugene for Jalyce’s help in getting her mother a mattress. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” the daughter said. “I’m forever grateful!”

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